Do you offer a full day service?

We do not offer a full day service. We offer two options; a morning session or an afternoon session.

Do you offer the ECCE Scheme?

Yes, we offer free ECCE places.

For further information, please view the ECCE page.

Do you provide lunch for my child?

Lunches are provided by the parents, please ensure your child has something to eat and to drink with them every day. We encourage a healthy eating policy in playschool.

How much does it cost to send my child to the Little Valley Preschool?

The weekly cost per child is €55.00 (Monthly €220.00) for non-ECCE places.

If your child qualifies for their free ECCE place there will be no additional payments due. Fees are due on the first Tuesday of each month regardless of school holiday closures, mid-term breaks, bank holidays, days off or when the child is absent for any reason.

Should I stay to get my child settled when dropping them off?

For some children, this is their first separation from their parents. We understand that this is often a difficult experience for youngsters. It is important to let your child know you are leaving, but will come back for them after class. For the first few days you may want to stay 5 to 10 minutes in the car. We will be glad to check on your child’s progress. Your teacher will let you know when your child feels comfortable with the new environment.

Should my child be toilet trained?

It is imperative that children are completely toilet trained before starting as we do not have changing facilities in the preschool nor are we permitted by the HSE to have children in nappies.

What age do you take children into your service?

In accordance with the preschool guidelines, children must be at least 2 years and 6 months when they start attending playschool.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday: 9.15am to 12.15pm or 12.45pm to 3.45.pm 5 days each week.

What if I am late for picking my child up?

If a parent or authorised person is late in picking the child up, a late fee of €10.00 for every 15 minutes will be applied. If a child is consistently picked up late, the school will take further action by raising the fee or calling a parent/teacher meeting. Children become upset when parents are not on time.

What if I can’t pick up my child? Can someone else do it?

All those listed on your child’s registration form can collect your child. You may also call to notify us of a person not on your paperwork who will pick up your child. Staff may not release children to anyone who is not authorised by the parent.

What should I do if my child cries when I leave?

Most children calm down in the first five minutes after their parent leaves. If you say your good-by to your child and would like a report from us just stay in your car or give us the number where we can reach you and we will be glad to report on your child’s behaviour for the first few days. Anxiety also applies to children going through difficulties such as, but not limited to: nightmares, illness, new baby, or simply a change in routine, etc. Please notify us of any changes in your child. All information is kept confidential.

What should I do if my child is sick?

Please do not send a sick child to school. If a child arrives with symptoms of illness, the child will not be permitted to stay. Many common illnesses spread rapidly among children. Please note we may request a doctor’s cert before we can allow a child to return to Preschool.

What should my child wear?

The uniform at Little Valley Preschool consists of:

  • Navy tracksuit bottoms / Navy leggings
  • Navy sweatshirt / Navy jumper
  • Red polo shirt

Every child must have a spare set of clothes sent in with them on the first day, we will keep these clothes at the playschool in case your child needs to be changed for any reason such as an accident or soiling of clothes.

Please send in: Trousers, top, socks/tights and underwear.

What will happen if my child acts up in class?

If a child is having difficulty controlling their behaviour, we will try to redirect the inappropriate behaviour by providing positive alternatives. I will talk to the child privately to explain the behaviour problem. Children may be directed to an individual activity (i.e. reading, puzzles) if the inappropriate behaviour persists. Should the problem continue, the parents would be informed. When a child displays unusual behaviour such as prolonged crying, tantrums, kicking, or biting, the parents will be notified immediately.